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Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg. It is home to the „Neues Schloss“, the last large baroque residential palace in Germany. With this the duke Carl Eugen von Württemberg (1744-1793) wanted to transform the state capital into a second Versailles. The city covers 207 square kilometres and is divided into 23 districts. Stuttgart has many recreational areas with forests, lakes, parks and gardens, such as the Pfaffenwald, the Max-Eyth-See recreational area, the Höhenpark Killesberg and the green area Grüner Heiner.

The average annual temperature in Stuttgart is 9.3° C, in summer the temperatures rarely rise above 30° C, in winter they hardly ever fall below 0° C. In winter, the city centre, which lies in the basin, is usually free of snow and ice, and strong winds are also rare in the city centre due to the dense development.

The world's first television tower, 217 metres high, was built in Stuttgart and has defied wind and weather for 60 years. It is one of the most popular sights in Stuttgart. The Baden-Württemberg state government recently nominated the outstanding landmark of the state capital for the national pre-selection for UNESCO World Heritage.

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