WS02 - CLONAR – Cloud Native Real-Time Systems

Workshop Organized by

Mohammad Ashjaei, Mälardalen University, Sweden and Daniel Corujo, Instituto de Telecomunicações and Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal and Paulo Pedreiras, Instituto de Telecomunicações and Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

Aims and Objectives

CLONAR will be a place where R&D solutions involving cloud native and real-time systems will be manifested and shared. The objective is to attract works focusing on either advancements from the industrial sphere or the cloud sphere (or both), in order to achieve groundbreaking innovative systems for industry automation. Theoretical, experimental, trials or lessons learned will allow the experts communities of both areas to witness the deployment capability of the state of the art, or to pave the way for further evolutions.

Topics under this workshop include (but not limited to)

  • Native Cloud mechanisms applied to Networking
  • Real-time Networks and Cloud interactions
  • Security for cloud-based industrial automation systems, applications and deployments
  • Virtualization, Softwarization and other innovative aspects for Industrial Automation associated with Cloud
  • Cloud-native software development and software paradigms for industrial deployments
  • Cloud-based industrial operations and automation functions
  • Cloud-based industrial plant supervision and control
  • Cloud-based adaptive and flexible industrial production systems
  • Adaptive and reconfigurable networks in cloud-based architectures
  • Middleware for real-time networks
  • Real-time containers and orchestrations

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