WS08 - Towards the factory of the future: advances in planning, control, and perception of industrial robots

Workshop Organized by

Dionisis Andronas, LMS, University of Patras,, Greece and Marco Faroni, CNR-STIIMA, Italy and Stefano Ghidoni, DEI, University of Padova, Italy and Alessandro Umbrico, CNR-ISTC, Italy

Aims and Objectives

Industrial robots play a key role in industrial automation. Robotic arms populate shop-floors: they are used for pick-and-place, assembly, inspection, and many other tasks, to increase the throughput of productive processes and alleviate fatigue and risks of human workers. A huge research effort has been put into the reasoning, planning, and control of robotic manipulators. Nonetheless, industrial implementations often do not exploit at full the great advancements made in these fields. This workshop aims at discussing how recent developments in planning and control of robot manipulators, on the one hand, and synergetic integration with results from Artificial Intelligence and cognition, on the other, can advance the state of the art and be applied to real-world manufacturing.

Topics under this workshop include (but not limited to)

  • Human-aware planning and execution in human-robot collaboration
  • Motion planning and control in dynamic environments
  • Manipulation of deformable/large objects
  • Combined task and motion planning
  • Multi-robot coordination and synchronization
  • Human-centered design of robotized cells
  • Safety and ergonomics of physical human-robot collaboration
  • Failure detection and recovery in HRC control systems
  • Smart perception for HRI applications
  • Novel Sensing and grasping technologies for HRI
  • Interfaces for real-time path and motion planning and collision avoidance
  • Case studies, experiments, ethics and outreach

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